Inline Bale Wrapper

Quick Specs:

  • Model: TLR5000 / TL5500 / TL6500
  • Length: 18' / 25'-6" / 25'-6"
  • Width: 9' / 9' / 10'-8"
  • Height: 9' / 9' / 10'7"
  • Weight: 5000 / 5250 / 7015 lbs
  • Engine: 13 / 13 / 20 HP Honda
  • Options: AX2 (basic controls) or ECV (digital controls)

The Tube-Line bale wrapper lays inline bales wherever the bales are easy to get to. Its a common sight to see white sausages in neat rows around the countryside. Get in on the convenience of a bale wrapper yourself, so your crop can be wrapped right when its baled, or to have a machine to rent out for some extra income. With the tail gate rollers reaching to the ground, tight pack between bales is ensured. The bale wrappers have the tongue at the front to easily tow from the row, and it folds away when being loaded with bales. The Tube-Line bale wrapper TLR5000 is a round bale only wrapper. The TL5500 bale wrapper has an automatic wrapping cycle that makes wrapping with one person easy. The TL6500 bale wrapper can wrap two bales at the same time. It is best suited for high volume custom wrapping operators. This bale wrapper comes standard with a remote to control the wrapper from the tractor seat, and can wrap both round and square bales. All three Tube-Line bale wrapper models are available in either the AX2 and ECV configurations. The AX2 is the standard classic control set, while the ECV includes a new digital display that allows the operator to configure presets, monitor bale count, and control the number of layers on each bale among other things.