Round Bit Auger Drives

Quick Specs:

  • Pressure: 6 - 24 GPM
  • Pressure: 1000 - 3000 PSI
  • Model: RC442, RC552, RC556

There’s a Roughneck ready, willing and able to take on your hole needs from trees to posts. These hydraulic driven auger drives are ruggedly built and available with a variety of mounting options, drive sizes and shapes to make sure you are boring and not bored. Like the holes they drill, Roughneck post hole auger drives come in a variety of sizes. Our Roughneck line-up has not only been designed and built to fit most skidsteers, excavators and front end loaders, they also accommodate a variety of auger drive shaft styles and sizes. So whether your new skidsteer is itching for a hole drilling machine or you have a selection of auger bits and need to replace a tired out drive, chances are there is a Roughneck hydraulic auger drive ready for you.