3PH Wood Processors | WP200 Series

Quick Specs:

  • Model: WP235 / WP265
  • PTO HP: min 45 / 60
  • Pressure: 20/25 T @ 2550/3000 PSI
  • Diameter: max 22" log
  • Length: max 22" / 34" log split
  • Linkage: 3PH

With the Wallenstein 3 point hitch wood processors your wood pile will be ready for winter in no time. Powerful and versatile, the WP200 3PH Wood Processor improves productivity, ergonomics and minimizes handling. This means all you have to do is cut. One person can finish up to 1.5 cords per hour. This is just one of the products Maple Lane offers to help you with your forestry requirements.  A 3PH Wood Processor saves you time, and money while reducing the risk of strain. Bringing firewood processing up to your level, the winch and deck reduce unnecessary back strain by eliminating heavy lifting and bending while providing a comfortable cutting height. This design allows you to work longer and more efficiently without the risk of personal injury. Using the convenience of your tractor’s hydraulic system, the WP200 Series Wood Processor transfers your tractor’s horse power straight into wood processing power.