WX500 Trailer Series Splitters

Quick Specs:

  • Engine: 160 CC Honda
  • Avg. Stroke Cycle: approx 7 sec
  • Full Stroke Cycle: approx 14 sec
  • Pressure: 20T
  • Diameter: 4" cylinder
  • Stroke: 24"
  • Height: WX510 (16") WX515 (19") WX520 (19") WX520T (28") WX530 (24") WX540 (24") to bed
  • Model: WX510 (horizontal) WX515 ( horizontal) WX520 (horizontal) WX520T (horizontal) WX530 (horizontal/vertical) WX540 (horizontal/vertical)

With Wallenstein wood splitters your wood pile will be ready for winter in no time. Powerful and versatile, the WX500 series provides dependable splitting force and fast, efficient workflow. Backed by Wallenstein’s 5 year Warranty, these log splitters are built to handle any size of job. Consult our knowledgeable sales staff here at Maple Lane for help with getting a splitter that will serve your needs.