Sunflower 4511

Quick Specs:

  • Model: 4 widths
  • Type: Disc Chisel Disc
  • Cutting Width: 11' - 3" to 18' - 9"
  • Weight: 13160 - 17900 lbs

Higher plant populations, genetically modified hybrids and larger combines have certainly done their share to increase yields and speed harvest. But they all come with trade-offs, like a growing residue problem and greater compaction. Fortunately, the Sunflower 4500 Series disc chisel is aggressive enough to handle even the toughest residue and compaction. Hydraulically adjustable front and rear disc gangs can be independently adjusted, enabling you to fine-tune the machine from field to field to obtain the desired effects. While the front disc gang sizes and mixes the residue in the top few inches of soil for faster decomposition, discs on the rear gangs level and finish the swath for spring tillage or planting. In the meantime, chisel shanks, spaced on 5”centers for optimum residue flow, provide maximum soil fracturing to depths of 12” to 14” for future root growth.