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Winterizing Your Sprayer

Hardi Commander 10000 sprayer

Use the following steps to insure your sprayer is safe for the winter and ready for next spring. WARNING: Never enter inside the spray tank. WARNING: Never use bleach when using Hardi Tank Clean or any ammonia based product. (Bleach should be never used to clean a sprayer) REMINDER: Always wear protective clothing around chemicals ... Read More

Tillage Day Recap 2017

Tillage Day 2017

Thanks to all who took the time to see some tillage and tractors in action!  We had a great day.  We got to see some powerful tractors and efficient tillage in action. Thank you to Wayne Metzger, Clare Bauman, and Rodney Martin (Highland Custom Farming), Rodney Weber (Yendor Farms), and Henk and Ary Grootendorst (Grootendorst Farms)  for ... Read More