Your Hedge Trimming Solution is Here

Maple Lane is pleased to provide GreenTec trimmers as a solution for land management.  These tools built in Denmark have just been introduced to Ontario.  The design and purpose are simple.

The multi carrier attachment can mount on a loader or telehandler.  With the carrier in place, mount a Quadsaw of your choice.  The Quadsaw does the cutting.

Reclaim fence-bottoms, cut back branches, and keep the hedges under control.  This is an excellent option for keeping ahead of the growth.  With a few simple passes of your loader or telehandler your trimming is complete.  You don’t need to spend days up and down with a chainsaw.  Get things cut back with ease.  The savings from taking back your land make these trimmers an obvious investment.

We took one out for a trial at our recent field day.  See for yourself the way a GreenTec trimmer will make short work of the overgrowth.

Quadsaw LRS 2002

GreenTec Quadsaw LRS 2002

cuts up to 6″ branches

6.5′ working width

4 x 19″ blades

Quadsaw LRS 2401

GreenTec Quadsaw LRS 3302

cuts up to 8″ branches

8′ working width

4 x 23″ blades

These are hydraulic drive attachments.  Their cut leaves a nice sharp edge, so the limbs are not being ripped down.