Here’s why vertical tillage is so important—and how Sunflower vertical tillage tools can help

If you farm in cold-weather climates like ours in Ontario, you know spring planting conditions can be challenging. Post-winter soils are often hard, cold and damp. Tough residue can tangle up your planting efforts. And your plants won’t thrive without a reliable level of moisture and steady soil temperatures.

Vertical tillage is the answer to an earlier, more successful spring planting season. And Sunflower vertical tillage tools are some of the best in the industry. Read on for all the benefits they can bring to your operation next spring. Then stop into Maple Lane Farm Service to find your innovative new Sunflower vertical tillage equipment!

Exclusive blade stays sharp, no matter what

Have you heard of the patented Sunflower Saber Blade? It’s well-known in the tillage industry for its incredibly innovative cutting capabilities.

While standard blades dull when working through tough residue, the Saber Blade stays ultra-sharp, even as the cutting edge wears. With a serrated sawtooth shape, the Saber Blade is perfect for cutting the toughest residue, penetrating and mixing soil, crushing clods and eliminating weeds.

Positively aligned bearings keep you moving

Sunflower vertical tillage tools feature trunnion-mounted bearings with triple-lip seals, constantly realigning gang bearings and C-Flex bearing standards. What exactly does that give you?

Long-lasting, positive-lubricated components that won’t be damaged by daily greasing or materials getting wrapped around them. That means less work for you — and a reduction in unexpected and costly maintenance from component-related breakdowns.

Front-mounted wheels prevent field furrows

All flexible Sunflower tools — including vertical tillage equipment — are available with front-mounted gauge wheels. These specially designed wheels exist for one major purpose: to keep your fields free of furrows, ridges or levels.

How do they do it? The heavy-duty gauge wheels feature sturdy 8×10 ply tires that prevent the front gangs from cutting deeper than the other gangs on the tool.

Maintenance-free systems make your job easier

Not a fan of tedious equipment maintenance? Neither are we. That’s why we love the maintenance-free lift and wing pivot systems available on Sunflower vertical tillage tools.

These systems pivot on UHMW polymer bearings, which completely eradicate greasing in the wing, lift and gauge wheel pivots. So you’ll keep rolling, maintenance-free.

Maximize your planting performance this spring

Interested in learning more about Sunflower vertical tillage tools — and checking them out for yourself? Come visit us at Maple Lane Farm Service, or contact us with your questions.