Four Reasons Sunflower Blades Are The Best Choice

Four reasons Sunflower blades are the best choice for your fall tillage

What’s your fall tillage goal? Are you hoping to break up compacted soil? Bury some of the residue? Incorporate fertilizer for next year’s growth?

No matter what your tillage objective is, we have the equipment to make it happen. At Maple Lane Farm Service, we carry a wide variety of innovative Sunflower® tillage equipment. What makes it so innovative? It’s all about the blades. Developed by Ingersoll Tillage Group, Sunflower blades are designed to make your fall tillage more successful with their cutting-edge capabilities.

  1. They’re uniquely shaped for better soil penetration. Sunflower’s SoilRazor VT disc blades from Ingersoll are designed with a fluted wave pattern that isn’t just for looks. It’s made to slice easily through tough residue and thick soil and mix them together, giving you the ideal crop bed.
  2. They stay sharp, no matter what. Sunflower blades are manufactured to the highest quality standards and developed from some of the strongest steel in the industry. Their incredible toughness and ability to stay razor-sharp season after season make them some of the most sought-after, high-value blades available.
  3. They allow you to plant earlier in the season. When you need to break through rough winter soil, Sunflower’s patented Saber Blade is your answer. It slices through heavy crop residue and soils that are hard, cold or wet, so you can start planting up to 10 days earlier in the spring.
  4. They maintain consistency, accuracy and quality. Their sharpness isn’t their only benefit. Sunflower blades are known for their ability to take care of your fall tillage in a single pass. They produce consistent tillage results and a uniformly worked soil profile—and they’re built to last with high-quality, maintenance-free performance.

Ready to experience some of the best tillage equipment in the industry? Come visit us at Maple Lane Farm Service, or contact us to learn more.