Fendt 200 Vario Tractor: Great function in a Small Package

The Fendt 200 is a small tractor with great technology and lots of power. This tractor can function on a level much higher than anything else in this size category. It now has features that you could only get in larger, more powerful tractors. Keep reading to learn all about the Fendt 200 series.

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Fendt 200 Independent Study By Profi Magazine

Check out how a Fendt 211 S performed in an independent study! Profi Magazine put this little tractor to the test. You’ll find out what they think about the features of this updated tractor. Read all about it here!


What features can you find in the Fendt 200 Series?

The 200 series tractors can reach up to 124 HP.

  • This allows you to use larger PTO implements.

The Fendt 200 offers up to 104l/min hydraulic flow, for implements and the loader.

The FendtONE Operators terminal, which brings high horsepower tech to small tractors.

  • The FendtONE terminal connects your tractor with your office. It lets you manage your tractor from one simple place.

The 200 Vario has a spacious comfort cab with a 100 Degrees front viewing angle.

    1. You can comfortable adjust the operators chair to your needs, without feeling cramped. Fendt has made many innovations over previous models to ensure the cab is comfortable for all drivers.
    2. The steering terminal is also easily adjustable to make getting in and out easier for you.
    3. The Fendt 200 has 8 air vents that create excellent airflow in the cab. You can also have 2 more installed in the footwell to increase your comfort in the winter.

The Fendt 200 Vario has features previously found only in the higher horsepower range.

The Fendt 200 features the FendtONE Operators terminal. This terminal comes in three different packages: Power, Profi, and Profi+.

  • Power- The power package is the base package.
  • Profi- The Profi Package upgrades your 200 series with a 12” terminal on the armrest, and a 3L joystick for hydraulic controls.
  • Profi+- This integrates advanced technology such as lane guidance, Fendt Contour Assistant, and an agronomy module.

Fendt Dynamic Performance Power Boost

This feature reserves 10 horsepower to boost the PTO, implements, and fans. This keeps the tractor running smoothly with no power loss even when engaging the PTO shaft.

The Fendt stepless Vario CVT Transmission

The hallmark of every Fendt tractor is the stepless Vario transmission, which you now have in the 200 series Fendt.

The engine and transmission fork together to increase time and fuel efficiency. This partnership lets your tractor run at the optimal RPM range for every task.

Front and Rear Power lifts with load relief control

The front power lift comes with a few options. On the front, the power lift has load relief, which balances your implements while driving.

The rear power lift capacity is 9,450 pounds for the heaviest implements.

Contact a member of our Sales Team to discuss the price of a Fendt 200 Series tractor.

The Fendt 200 vario is an exceptional tractor that can bring huge benefits to your farm or property. You can call or email a member of our sales team to discuss the Fendt 200 price and purchasing options.

You can learn more about the Fendt brand on our website, as well as the Fendt website.

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