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Winter Maintenance Specials

Fendt 500

Prepare for a new season with our winter specials! Get 10% off all AGCO® stock parts, filters and oil used in PM360 and pre-season checkovers. Exclusive PM360 1000-Hour Service Program Bring your tractor in at each 1000-hour interval for a complete service and maintenance check-over.*   Winter Special Promotion Get 180 days of NO interest or ... Read More

Take a look inside the NEW 4100V RB Series round balers

RB4160 Round Baler

If you have a cow/calf operation or small- to mid-size dairy farm, you know what’s behind better feed: a better baler. Maple Lane Farm Equipment now carries the new Massey Ferguson® 4100V RB Series round balers, and here are the four features that will most help you get better feed: New tines to pick up ... Read More

Tillage Day 2018

Tillage Day 2018

Tillage Demo Day August 31, 1-4 PM Come see the latest Sunflower tillage in action Join us on Friday, August 31, from 1-4 PM to try out some tillage tools.  Drive the machines yourself, and see the results in the field.     Location: Ross McRobb Farm, second farm East of Mount Forest, North side of Highway 89 Consider ... Read More

Four Reasons Sunflower Blades Are The Best Choice

Sunflower 1435 SW Disc Harrows

Four reasons Sunflower blades are the best choice for your fall tillage What’s your fall tillage goal? Are you hoping to break up compacted soil? Bury some of the residue? Incorporate fertilizer for next year’s growth? No matter what your tillage objective is, we have the equipment to make it happen. At Maple Lane Farm ... Read More

Stay Safe this Harvest!


Four Equipment Tips for a Safe Harvest Season  It’s one of the busiest times of year. Every harvest season brings long days in the field and a short window of opportunity. But when your livelihood depends on getting a lot of work done as quickly as possible, safety can be compromised. Review these four equipment ... Read More

Summer Projects Made Easy: Massey Ferguson 1700 Series

Massey Ferguson 1736 Compact Tractor

Welcome back to Maple Lane Farm Equipment’s two-part summer blog series! In our previous blog, we covered the multitasking abilities of the Massey Ferguson® GC1700 Series sub-compact tractors and 1700E Series economy compact tractors – both excellent options to tackle your summer to-do list. But what if your projects require more muscle and premium features? ... Read More

Summer Projects Made Easy: Massey Ferguson GC1700 Series and 1700E Series

What projects are on your summer to-do list? Are you hoping to landscape your yard, clean up your rural property or finally build that deck? Maple Lane Farm Equipment is here to help! In this two-part series, we’ll showcase three of our most popular do-it-all tractors: The Massey Ferguson® GC1700 Series, 1700E Series and 1700 ... Read More

The Journey of the 1000th Fendt 1000

1000th Fendt 1000

Follow the journey of the historic 1000th Fendt from the German factory to the fields of Ontario. 1000th Fendt Journey in Pictures. from Germany… …to Terpstra Farms.

Challenger Spotlight Series: MT400E, MT500E and MT600E Series

Challenger MT400E with loader

For the last installment in our Challenger® Spotlight Series, we’re featuring the versatile MT400E, MT500E and MT600E Series tractors. Made for maneuverability, they’re smaller than their higher horsepower counterparts, but their performance is just as big.   MT400E Series Utility Tractors Rugged MT400E Series utility tractors are made to be powerful yet nimble, so they’ll ... Read More

Challenger Spotlight Series: MT700E, MT800E and MT900E Series

Challenger MT875E on Road

Welcome back to our Challenger® Spotlight Series! This week we’re showcasing three incredible series of Challenger tractors now available at Maple Lane: the high-horsepower MT700, MT800E and MT900E Series. MT700 Series Track Tractors They’ve been rethought, reengineered and reinvented. We’re proud to carry the NEW Challenger MT700 Series, which has completely redefined the operator experience ... Read More

Challenger Spotlight Series: 1000 Series

Challenger 1000

Have you heard? Challenger® tractors are now available at Maple Lane! We’re proud to carry a full lineup of these powerful, intelligent tractors that are engineered to provide you with year-round productivity.   First up in our Challenger Spotlight Series is the newest, most commanding tractor in the field: the Challenger 1000 Series. As the ... Read More

You’re invited! Ride & Drive Event

Ride & Drive 2018

You’re Invited! Spring Ride and Drive Event here at Maple Lane Friday April 20, and Saturday April 21, 9am-4pm.  Get in the driver seat of these compact tractors with this special opportunity.

Got a Tax Refund? Get a Massey!

It’s tax refund season—which means you might have a little extra cash burning a hole in your pocket. If you’re looking to put your money towards something practical and productive, a Massey Ferguson® compact or utility tractor is always a wise investment! Here are some solid reasons to invest in a new Massey Ferguson tractor ... Read More

25% off Hardi Nozzles

2018 ISO Nozzle Discount

MARCH SPECIAL NOZZLE BLOWOUT 25% Discount – Nozzle Promotion Nozzles offered in the 25% discount include: Flat Fan, Low Drift, Mini Drift, Mini Drift Duo, Injet/Bjet & Quintastream, TeeJet® TTI11004-VP.

Fendt Xaver Drone Swarms

Fendt Xaver Robot

  For many robots are scary. They bring with them ideas of people becoming obsolete as machines learn to take over the world. The reality is that in agriculture automation is nothing new. Automation has been around for a long time. Not only that, but the gains of technology have generally meant gains in efficiency ... Read More

FarmLife feature: Maple Lane Customer Loves Fendt

The Vollmer Family taking delivery of their Fendt 1038

FarmLife magazine recently ran several stories covering KTM Family Farm, located in Wingham, Ontario.  There Murray Vollmer and his sons farm 1800 acres and finish hogs.  KTM was the first customer to take delivery of a Fendt 1000 Series tractor from Maple Lane in early 2017.  The Fendt 1038 was also one of the very ... Read More

1000th Fendt 1000 Already!

Terpstra 1000th Fendt 1000

Congratulations to Jeremy and Herman Terpstra, Terpstra Farms Ltd, of Brussels, ON! Their Fendt 1038 is the 1000th Fendt 1000 to roll off the assembly line.  Finished on December 20, 2017, the tractor will hopefully get to the farm by late February. The Fendt assembly line recently paused to recognize this achievement.  The Fendt 1000 has been ... Read More

Snowblowers in Stock Here

Snowblowers in Stock

Stock up before winter is in full swing.  Maple Lane has a number of blowers in the yard ready to go.  We have industrial models, and lighter use options as well.  

Winterizing Your Sprayer

Hardi Commander 10000 sprayer

Use the following steps to insure your sprayer is safe for the winter and ready for next spring. WARNING: Never enter inside the spray tank. WARNING: Never use bleach when using Hardi Tank Clean or any ammonia based product. (Bleach should be never used to clean a sprayer) REMINDER: Always wear protective clothing around chemicals ... Read More

Tillage Day Recap 2017

Tillage Day 2017

Thanks to all who took the time to see some tillage and tractors in action!  We had a great day.  We got to see some powerful tractors and efficient tillage in action. Thank you to Wayne Metzger, Clare Bauman, and Rodney Martin (Highland Custom Farming), Rodney Weber (Yendor Farms), and Henk and Ary Grootendorst (Grootendorst Farms)  for ... Read More

Tillage Demo Day | Aug 31, 2017 1-4PM | Featuring Fendt 1000

Tillage Demo Day 2017

Tillage Demo Day August 31, 1-4 PM rain date set for Sept. 1 Come see the latest Sunflower tillage in action take the opportunity to drive the Fendt 1000 this is located on Larry Schill Farm, first farm south of Conn, on East side of Wellington Road 14 for more info call 519.323.4289 Registration is onsite. ... Read More

AGCO to acquire Precision Planting

Precision Planting SeedSense

As you probably know, Precision Planting has been in the news for quite sometime now. This release from AGCO is an exciting proposition. AGCO to Acquire Precision Planting from The Climate Corporation July 26, 2017 AGCO, Your Agriculture Company, (NYSE:AGCO), a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment and The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of ... Read More

Compaction Clinic

Compaction Clinic 2017

Come learn how you can measure compaction on your farm and also how to reduce compaction damage.  Answer your questions of how compaction impacts soil structure, soil health, water absorption, and productivity.  A compaction expert from Switzerland, Matthias Stettler, will be presenting his findings and methods. With technology to measure compaction damage made by heavy ... Read More

Spraying Tips

Hardi Presidio Sprayer

AGCO put out a good simple review of some spraying pointers here.  Getting the details right makes a world of difference.  Ask us here at Maple Lane if you need help getting your sprayer set this season.