Used Tractors for Sale

Looking to buy a tractor for sale?
You found the right place.
Improving your farm fleet can bring great benefits. Tractors are becoming increasingly efficient, and new technology has opened the door for better agronomy and yield.
There is a lot for you to look forward to about buying a tractor, but it can also be stressful. Salesmen can be pushy, options may not be ideal, and money may be limited.
Our goal is to help you improve your operation. After all, if your farm isn’t improving, you would have no need for new tractors! Let’s look at some easy steps to help you orient yourself to the current tractor market.
1. Determine if you want a New or used tractor
New tractors have all kinds of benefits. Warranties save you time and money on regular maintenance. There is no wear and tear on a new tractor, which promises lots of time in the field and little in the shop.
You also can customize a new tractor exactly the way you need it. You can get tires specific to planting row crops, add a loader, and have access to new software.
On the flip side, used tractors can save you lots of money. They will have more wear and be sold with what options they are equipped with. But that doesn’t mean they are poor quality either.
Because new tractors often come with a warranty, used tractors within the warranty period have been taken care of by the dealership. You won’t need to be concerned about extreme repairs needed or if it has been serviced.
It’s important to remember when tractor shopping that you have options. Both new and used tractors have benefits. It’s simply a matter of determining what you value most.
2. Browse the tractors that we have available for sale
Obviously you found this page because you were searching for tractors for sale. You have found a great place to look, as we sell both new and used tractors. You can have a look at our new tractors here, and this page contains our used available tractors.
A few important things to remember…
You can call or email a member of the Maple Lane sales team here to discuss the available tractors.
You can also ask if there are other tractors available or incoming that are not yet published on the website.
Also, you can schedule a test drive to come in and try the tractor on our property and see if it’s something you are interested in.
Most importantly, let this be an enjoyable experience. Test drive some tractors, sit in them and get a feel for the controls. Taking this non-stressed approach will greatly increase your ability to make a good decision about the right tractor to buy.
3. Contact a sales team member to discuss financing and trade-in opportunities.
Once you have decided on a tractor, you can prepare to buy it. Thankfully, there are some helpful, money-saving options available to you.
You can discuss dealer financing with the sales team. Often, tractor companies offer financing options to you that are lower than what you might find at financial institutions. Make sure you ask about the financing available through the company. It could save you lots of money in the long run.
Use your old tractors and equipment as trade in collateral. Dealers will have a better chance selling a tractor than you would. Be sure to trade in your old tractor to save even more towards your new tractor. Based on your trade in, this could save you a significant amount of money.
Hopefully, these steps will guide you along your buying journey. If you have questions, reach out to a member of the Maple Lane sales team for answers. Be sure to do ample research into brands, and warranties. Most of all, enjoy the tractor-buying process, from first research, to the first test drive, to the first day you bring your new tractor home.