Fendt 900 Vario Series

The Fendt 900 Gen 6 Vario is a tractor designed for North America. It is an agile row crop machine. This series follows the successful 1000 Series with more than a similar hood. The 900 Gen 6 Vario incorporates much of the same technology and innovation of its big brother. It has a light base weight and is able to take on a considerable amount of ballast. The MAN 9.0L engine keeps engine rpms low for efficient torque delivery. The VarioGrip tire inflation solution is available to reduce compaction. Of course the quality and warranty of the Fendt 900 Gen 6 is what you have come to expect from Fendt.



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900 Series Generations

This series of Fendt 900 is called a ‘Gen 6’.  This generational naming structure highlights the number of generations since the 900 series tractor started using the Vario transmission.  This is in contrast to the prior naming structure that was in reference to engine emissions compliance.  This new naming begins counting with the 900 series tractor which received the Vario transmission in 1996.  Since these current 900s are the 6th generation of tractor to have a Vario Transmission, they are Gen 6.

Hydraulic Capacity

You need high capacity hydraulic systems for high-demand implements like corn planters. The Fendt 900 is equipped with an optional 110 Gallon per minute dual-pump hydraulic system. This ensures that the fans for the seed and fertilizer systems get sufficient oil to run a the necessary speeds. No more worries about a lack of oil flow even with multiple hydraulic functions engaged simultaneously.