Fendt 700 Gen7 Series Tractor

Fendt has been innovating tractor technology for decades, and the Fendt 700 Gen7 is taking that innovation to the next level. With power that commands respect and precision that ensures a job well done, Fendt blends time-honored commitment with innovation for your agricultural pursuits.



A New Standard of Agricultural Engineering

The Fendt 700 Gen7 is designed to cater to your diverse farming needs without compromising on power or performance.

  • Top-Notch Performance: Equipped with an AGCO Power engine has 7.5 L capacity and 6 robust cylinders, it’s all about reliable horsepower ranging from 203 to an immense 283 HP with a maximum of 303 HP with DynamicPerformance.
  • Advanced Transmission: Experience seamless power transition with the new VarioDrive transmission, empowering your tasks with variable all-wheel drive.
  • Exceptional Hydraulics: A flow rate of up to 58 gpm and optional flat-face FFC couplings mean you never have to compromise on hydraulic performance, whether at the front or back.
  • Power-to-Weight Ratio: With an astonishingly low power-to-weight ratio of 30.5 kg/hp, efficiency is maximized, ensuring that every ounce of power translates into ground-breaking work on the field. This also allows you to ballast the tractor the way you want.

Operator Comfort and Control

No matter what season it is, the FendtOne Tractor Cab remains the pinnacle of comfort and advanced technology in the Fendt 700 Gen7:

  • VisioPlus Cabin: Step into your spacious cabin with panoramic views and unprecedented quietness, tailored for those long hours during harvest season.
  • FendtONE Interface: Cutting-edge control is at your fingertips with the intuitive FendtONE operating interface. The FendtOne Operating System integrates tractor management, guidance, and implement control in one seamless platform. No need for extra monitors or wires.
  • Premium Seating: A new premium driver’s seat (optional), front axle suspension, and cab suspension keep you comfortable through the toughest workdays.

Sustainable Practices and Safety

Caring for the land goes beyond planting and harvesting – it’s about sustainability and safety:

  • VarioGrip System: With the integrated VarioGrip tire pressure system, adjust your tire pressure to accommodate varying field conditions, preserving the soil and optimizing fuel efficiency.
  • Superior Visibility: Outfit your tractor with LED options for unmatched visibility, ensuring safety during dawn or dusk operations.

Built for the Demands of Ontario's Fields

Understanding the demands of Southern Ontario’s diverse crop schedules, the Fendt 700 Gen7 is equipped with:

  • Seasonal Adaptability: Multiple PTO options and adaptable hydraulic systems tailor your tractor to seasonal needs.
  • Heavy-duty Loader: The Fendt Cargo Profi 6.100 loader boasts impressive lifting heights and capacities, proving no task is too large.

The versatility of the Fendt 700 Gen7 is perfect for farmers in southern Ontario. It is designed for all season work, capable of tilling, planting, grain cart, and loader work. It is also suitable for hauling and roadwork, hay tools, and custom farming operations.

Comparison to the Fendt 700 Gen6 and the Fendt 800

The Fendt 700 Gen7 is roughly the same size as the Fendt 800. However, it is much more maneuverable, with a turning radius of only 38.7 feet with 600/70R30 tires. The 700 Gen6 has a turning radius of 40.7 feet, making the 700 Gen7 even more maneuverable than the smaller previous model.

The Fendt 700 Gen7 is about 9 inches taller than the Fendt 700 Gen6. That is a small amount considering the 60 additional horsepower you can get in the 700 Gen7.

Make the intelligent choice for your farm. The Fendt 700 Gen7 isn’t just a tractor; it’s a long-term partner built for the land you treasure. Every feature speaks of a return on investment, efficiency, and productivity – qualities that matter to you. Don’t wait to elevate your farm’s potential.

Join the ranks of satisfied farmers who understand that investing in Fendt means investing in the future of their farms. Contact us today to schedule a test drive and see firsthand the superb craftsmanship of the Fendt 700 Gen7. Because your land deserves the best, and so do you.

The Fendt 700 Gen7 – Power, performance, and precision – all wrapped in one.

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