Fendt IDEAL Combine

Fendt IDEAL Combine

This harvester is the result of farmers and dealers giving their input on the best combine possible. It needed to operate well in any conditions and be efficient in the process. Grain and straw quality must be excellent without losing grain in the process. It also needed to be more comfortable to operate than any other combine, with simple controls, and great visibility. Their input gave birth to the IDEAL Combine. Capable of performing better than any other harvester, the Fendt Ideal is the perfect machine for all of your needs. The IDEAL experience centers on the success of the Fendt brand. The technology, the customer support built around the brand, and the engineering of this machine carry the trademarks of Fendt. Fendt made this machine for maximum capacity and comfortable operation. Also, the Fendt Gold Star Customer Care warranty covers your combine for 3 years or 1250 hours. We will provide you with a loaner until we fix your machine. The IDEAL brings the support and quality of the Fendt brand to the combine market. The Fendt IDEAL is leading the way in power, efficiency, and grain quality.










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Fendt IDEAL Combine Benefits

At Maple Lane Farm Service, We believe every piece of farm equipment we sell needs to benefit our customers. The IDEAL combine is an excellent machine that meets all our customers needs.

High Capacity

The IDEAL has a 485 bushel capacity. With an unloading rate of up to 6 bu/s, it is incredibly efficient at unloading. You can save 16 hours of work compared to machines with slower unload time over 3000 acres. (Compared to 400 Bushels Grain Tank and 3.8 Bu/S unload rate)

Speed and Efficiency

The header for the IDEAL combine boasts an impressive cutting width of up to 50 feet. Its purpose is to cover as much area as possible, to decrease your harvest time.

Despite being able to cut so quickly, it is gentle on the grain. It results in as little as 0.15% loss to broken kernels.

The Helix Rotor and Double Helix Rotor process the crop gently while providing great output. You can perfectly separate your grain without damage.

Operator Comfort

One of the design features of the Fendt Ideal Combine is comfort. The panoramic cab offers an excellent view of the cutterbar, and enables the driver to see 180 degrees.

IDEALdrive is a user-friendly way of driving that minimizes driver movement for maximum ease.

Choose between fabric or leather seats for maximum comfort during your workday. The leather seat includes active ventilation, for all day comfort in the heat, or cold.


Every farmer knows how important service is on a combine. You need to do maintenance promptly, and have your farm equipment in the field as much as possible. You cannot afford downtime during harvest.

Fendt offers an incredible solution. Their Gold Star Customer Care warranty covers your Fendt Combine for 3 years or 1250 hours. We provide you with a loaner combine if it takes more then 24 hours to repair.

At Maple Lane, we have certified technicians that service every tractor we sell. Our service department is exceptional at their jobs. We strive to know our customers and their needs, so we can meet them as best as possible. We will always honor the Gold Star Customer Care warranty.


Fendt uses DynaFlex headers for the IDEAL combine. Up to 50 feet wide, these headers process the product efficiently and evenly. The hydraulic system allows for improved flexibility, so the header follows the contours of the ground.

However, Dynaflex isn’t the only header option for the IDEAL combine. You can use Macdon, Gerringhof, Drago, and others through the use of adaptors. This allows you to use a header you currently have, or choose one that best suits your needs.

Fendt AutoDock connects the header in 5 seconds, without the operator needing to leave the drivers seat. The combine scans the attachment and uploads the last used settings for that header.

Helix Processor

The Helix Processor is the rotor within the combine. IDEAL 7 uses a single Helix, while IDEAL 8, 9, and 10 use a double Helix Processor. The rotors offer high output, with low energy consumption.

The rotor receives the crop at the optimal speed. The rotors then separate the crop carefully, to keep grain loss to a minimum. The operator can change the rotor speed range and clearance if they so choose.

Cleaning and Straw Management

The Fendt IDEAL Combine cleans and processes grain and straw with excellence. The design ensures superior cleaning, using maximum airflow over the shaker shoe to separate the chaff. The grain pans collect nothing but clean crop, and you have three options of straw management to choose from.

The Grain Tank

The Ideal Combine has two options for grain storage and unloading. There are the Streamer 4.0 and Streamer 6.0 options.

The Streamer 4.0 has a 4 Bu/Sec unload rate and a 355 bushel capacity. The Streamer 6.0 has a 6 Bu/Sec unload rate and a 485 bushel capacity. This equals unprecedented output and a lot of time saved in the process.


Fendt IDEAL Combine IDEALDrive Joystick

IDEALdrive allows you to control all combine movements using joysticks instead of a steering column. Removing the steering column gives you even better visibility. You steer with the left hand, and the right hand controls speed and other operations.

By doing this, the driver has fewer movements to complete, which reduces fatigue. This makes a big difference after spending hours in the field. The ergonomic controls and clear line of sight make the cab very comfortable.


With IDEALharvest, you can completely automate your combine. You have the option of setting your preferences. You can optimize for grain quality, grain cleanliness, and minimal loss.

The combine processes your harvesting strategy, and uses sensors to collect the data needed to adjust to your preferences. The monitor displays the process and allows you to adjust settings as you want to. You can also choose the information that is most relevant to you.

Fendt Connect

Manage your entire fleet from multiple devices with Fendt Connect. Connect seamlessly uploads all data to any device, whether in your office or the field.

You can manage equipment, fields, and tasks all through one easy system. All devices use the same interface to ensure ease of use. This is just another way Fendt is changing the game. They excel at making farmer’s jobs easier and more enjoyable.


Fendt IDEAL Combine TrakRide

The IDEAL has the option of front tracks.  The new TrakRide system is newly designed for the IDEAL.  There are three track widths of 660 mm, 760 mm and 910 mm.  The track is hydraulically tensioned and allows travel of 15° up and 10° down.  The trailing ‘T’ of the Fendt IDEAL models indicates a model with front tracks instead of tires.  With this naming convention the IDEAL 7T, IDEAL 8T, IDEAL 9T, and IDEAL 10T are the track versions of the same combine.  The innovative IDEALDrive Joystick is an option only on these track models.


On the IDEAL 7 the standard fuel tank is 1000L (264gal) and can be optionally upgraded to 1250L (330gal).  On the IDEAL 8, IDEAL 9 and IDEAL 10 the standard fuel tank is 1250L (330gal) which can be upgraded to 1500L (396gal).  An on-board 16gal (60L) air compressor is another option.  The IDEAL comes standard with a 9.15m (30′) unloading auger.  This includes a section that when removed reduces the length to 7.6m (25′).  The standard auger is best for headers up to 40′ wide.  Another extension can be ordered that extends the auger to 10.6m (34’8″) and is best for 40’+ headers.  The long length auger also comes with a manual fold for shortening the length in transport.  The IDEAL combines all come with a straw chopper.  The standard BaseCut Chopper has 4 rows and 56 knives total.  The ShortCut Chopper option has 8 rows and 112 knives.  4WD is also an optional addition on all IDEAL machines.

Fendt IDEAL Combine Toys

  • Fendt Ideal 9 Combine
    Fendt Ideal 9 Combine


  • Fendt Ideal Combine Keychain
    Fendt Ideal Combine Keychain


  • Fendt IDEAL 9T With Grain Head
    Fendt IDEAL 9T With Grain Head


  • Fendt Ideal 9T With Corn Head
    Fendt Ideal 9T With Corn Head