Gehl Articulated Loader

The Gehl articulated loader series.

Articulated loaders from Gehl are turning heads throughout the country. Versatile and compact, these loaders maneuver freely in tight places while inflicting minimal ground damage. With a wide variety of attachments, these units easily transition from application to application, making your operation more flexible and profitable. Articulated steering with angles up to 45 degrees offer excellent maneuverability. A consistent turning radius means that where the front goes, the rear follows. From the farm to the job site and everywhere in between, these machines conquer chores of all types. Intelligent design and advanced engineering provide increased performance.



Gehl 140

Gehl 140 Articulated Loader

Gehl 340

Gehl 340 Articulated Loader

Gehl 540

Gehl 650

Gehl 750

Gehl 740 Articulated Loader