Hardi Sprayers: Reliable Sprayers for Every Farmer

Innovative Spraying Solutions

Hardi Is one of the world’s leaders in agricultural spraying equipment. Their mission is to be the best crop care partner for all their customers. They specialize in precise application of crop care products.

A Variety of Farming Sprayers to Choose From

Hardi has many options for you to choose from. They have three different types for you to choose from

  1. Trailed
    • Largely for use on farms that have a significant amount of acreage
    • Ranging from 550 gallon to 2600 gallon tanks
  2. 3-Point Hitch Mounted
    • Versatile options
    • you can use these for a variety of applications on any 3 point hitch
  3. Backpack and Handheld
    • Best for specific application
    • Great for use as weed sprayer, garden sprayer, and for greenhouses
    • Works well for many industries

Trusted Brand All Over the World

Hardi has a vast sales network that includes over 100 countries. They work closely to provide excellent products and services to their customers. They now have over 60 years of experience, developing a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Leaders in Sustainable Farming

Hardi believes in farming for the future. Their goal is to provide sustainable farming solutions for food production. They get behind what they believe by building agricultural sprayers that reduce environmental impact.

Industry Leading Features

Hardi Sprayers all include features that set them apart from the competition. Their diaphragm pumps separate liquids from all essential pump parts. This means the pump runs dry without causing damage, and remains easy to service.

Hardi has several booms to choose from, ranging from 6 m to 39 m in length. You can manage the booms with Autoterrain, which prevents unwanted boom movement. These features set Hardi apart from the competition.

Types of Sprayers

Trailed or Tow Sprayers

  • There are three types of trailed sprayers, that can provide a lot of variety. They have equipment for small farms and large farms alike. These feature a high strength chassis that can withstand high speed driving and still perform well.


  • Hardi’s lift-mounted options are versatile. They have no-drip nozzles that are available for all sorts of spraying tasks. The Mega has AirRide suspension for smooth driving on the road or in the field.

Handheld and Backpack Sprayer

  • Durable and affordable, These are perfect for home use, such as weed and pesticide spraying. Greenhouses also feature these prominently for crop care products.

The Advantages of Hardi

Buying Hardi equipment has several important benefits

  1. Hardi Products are Affordable
    • If the total cost is important to you, you can count on this brand to be an affordable option.
  2. Hardi Sprayers are Easy to Service
    • Another aspect of total cost is service. Thankfully, Hardi sprayers are easy to service, which minimizes down time.
  3. Maple Lane has a Large Selection of Parts
    • If you are ever in need of Hardi Sprayer parts, Maple Lane Farm Service has a large selection available.