Massey Ferguson Tractors and Farming Equipment

Massey Ferguson has been in the agriculture industry for over a century and a half. They were the original inventors of the 3-point hitch. They are among the world’s leading tractor manufacturers. Maple Lane Farm Service has been a Massey Ferguson Dealer for 15+ years, offering great service for all their equipment.

Sub Compact Tractors

Massey’s GC1700 Series is a line of lawn tractors. They are smaller than the compact lines, and function much like traditional tractors. They are far more versatile than traditional lawn tractors, but without compromising size.

The GC1700 lawn tractor has optional backhoe and loader options, as well as traditional attachments. It really is the perfect tractor if you like DIY projects. Great for mulching, mowing, and snow removal.

Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors

Compact tractors are great machines for homeowners and small farms alike. They are well built tractors meant to deliver power in a small size.

You can choose loader options, snow removal equipment, and several other implements.

E Series and M Series

E Series

They feature a horsepower range between 24 and 60 horsepower. The E Series is the standard compact line, and is versatile and practical.

You can also purchase implements to customize your tractor to your needs. The E Series uses fuel efficient Iseki engines that can withstand heavy workloads.

The power lift on the E Series has a capacity of up to 2,425 pounds. This feature, combined with the rear PTO and optional hydraulic remotes makes this an extremely versatile tractor.

M Series

The M Series is the Premium compact tractor line that focuses on comfort, convenience, and ease of use. They offer the option of open station or cab.

The M Series features a quick attach loader, which makes removing the loader easy. They also use a Iseki engine, which has a turbocharger for extra power when you need it.

Other features include glow plugs for cold winter starts, your choice of transmission, and on demand 4-wheel drive.

Utility Tractors

Massey Ferguson Utility Tractors have a higher horsepower range than the compact lines do. This enables you to accomplish more intense work.

These tractors are perfect for municipalities, hobby farmers, and homeowners who have lots of projects in mind. They also offer open station or cab, like the M Series compacts.

The power range for utility Tractors is 45 to 100 horsepower. They work with a variety of implements for any job you might need them to complete.

The Difference Between MF Compact and Utility Tractors

Compact tractors and utility tractors are not the same. Compact tractors tend to be smaller, able to fit in smaller spaces. They have less power than utility tractors, but the right amount of power for small jobs. They are great options for homeowners, snow removal purposes, and general yardwork.

Utility tractors are a great choice for hobby farms and small operations. They work well in small places, like barns. They also are able to use larger attachments. They are able to do jobs that require more power than compacts provide.

Massey Ferguson Sub-Compacts, Compacts, and Utility Tractors
Massey Ferguson Sub-Compacts, Compacts, and Utility Tractors

Mowing, Snow Removal, and Other Implements

Massey Ferguson has a wide variety of implements for all their tractor lines. They provide quality attachments to meet all your needs, whether it’s mowing or snow blowing. And in Ontario, you need both.

Massey Ferguson Mid Range

Massey Ferguson HHP

Massey Ferguson produces a range of full size, high horsepower tractors. They are versatile, and capable of tackling any job, from the field to the barn.

The high horsepower line ranges from 100 to 400 horsepower. They have separate two lines for their high horsepower tractors.

Global Series and S Series

The Global series is the economy line, and includes the 5700, and the 6700 mid range tractors.

The S Series is the premium line of tractors, and includes the 5S, 6S, 7S, and 8S Tractors. The 8700S is the highest horsepower, reaching over 400 max horsepower.

Massey Ferguson Hay and Forage

Everybody knows Massey Ferguson for building tractors. They also build great harvesting equipment as well. Their balers and mowers are widely used across North America.


Massey builds both self-propelled mowers, like the WR Series Windrower, and implement mowers, like the DM Series Disc Mower.


Massey Ferguson offers three types of rakes. You can choose between wheel rakes, rotary rakes, or the 3900 series rake with a width of up to 32 feet.


MF build their tedders to handle heavy workloads. They reduce drying time to make your harvest more efficient. The TDX tedders are meant for high capacity hay distribution. The TD series is excellent for standard hay distribution.


These Balers provide you with multiple options of round bale, large square, or small square bales. RB V Protec Series Combination Baler and Wrapper allows you to make and wrap your bales in an efficient manner.


This is a new product on the market.



The Agco Power engine in Massey Ferguson Tractors is efficient, powerful, and emissions friendly. It excels at delivering constant power and great fuel economy. Massey has made many innovations with transmissions. Their Dyna-VT transmission is the standard for easy operation.

Engine Power Management is another innovation. When needed, the engine delivers extra power to the necessary application. This is very useful when using implements that require a lot of PTO power.


If comfort is key, then these are the tractors for you. The cab provides excellent visibility on all sides, and offers a great view of the loader. The cab is incredibly spacious and quiet.

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