Fendt Momentum Planter: The Future of Farming

The Fendt Momentum Planter is a product built from the ground up to solve many planting challenges. The central innovation is the vertical contouring toolbar (VCT). It has a remarkable range of motion that allows the row units to stay engaged with the ground. The center tires are inline tandem, to reduce crop damage from compaction. Tires have an inflation system. You can either spread weight evenly across the planter, or focus all the weight on the center tires. The Precision row units bring the latest and best in precise seed placement. The Fendt Momentum is a planter that continues the Fendt tradition of quality, innovation, and efficiency.













The Fendt Momentum Planter introduces a new advanced planting system.  It senses conditions in real time, and responds with real answers.  With perfect seed spacing, precise depth, and intelligent technology, you’ll get every bit of potential out of every acre you farm.

Momentum Overview

The Momentum comes in one of two toolbar widths. You can set the 40′ toolbar as 32R 15″, 24R 20″, 24R 22″, or 16R 30″. The 60′ configurations can be 48R 15″, 36R 20″, 26R 22″, 24R 30″.

This planter’s central fill system (CFS) has two 65 bushel tanks for a total of 130 bushel seed capacity. The optional fertilizer tank holds 1000 gallons. The planter hitch will be either a drawbar hitch or a 2-point hitch.

Momentum has a “Power Beyond” system that uses one main line from the tractor to power different systems on the planter. This greatly reduces the number of remotes you need. Precision Planting’s 20/20 monitor controls the planter and physical switches exist for things like the one-button fold/unfold.

Precision Planting Row Units

The Precision Planting row units bring the latest and best in precise seed placement. There are a variety of precision products you can choose from. A vDrive motor powers the DeltaForce and vSet metering, which comes standard with the row units.

Each unit has a 1/3 bushel Lego mini hopper. This is capable of pairing with an mSet unit for multi-hybrid planting. There is the option to equip SpeedTube, or the WaveVision seed tube. If you are using the liquid fertilizer package, both the Conceal fertilizer placement system and the vApplyHD fertilizer metering are options.

Vertical Contour Toolbar (VCT)

The heart of the Momentum planter is the Vertical Contour Toolbar (VCT). This smart frame technology keeps the row units engaged with the soil. There are actually two toolbars on this planter. The front one is a static chassis.

The rear toolbar has three sections (on both 40′ and 60′ models). Cylinders from the front toolbar control these. The three sections of the rear toolbar (VCT) each have a range of motion of 52″.

Parallel linkage adds another 16″ to the range of motion, in addition to the rear toolbar movement. DeltaForce® uses this row unit linkage to keep individual units in contact with the ground.

The row units motion paired with the VCT means that the total range of vertical motion on the Momentum is 68″. This system also allows for different row spacing configurations on the same base toolbar. There is room in front of the units for after market row cleaning or tillage pieces.

Load Logic Weight Distribution

You have the option of equipping your Momentum Planter with the Load Logic Package. This system introduces spindles that can control tire pressure and measure weight on each tire. Tire pressure directly corresponds to compaction.

On Momentum, the planter is constantly adjusting tire pressure. This helps by keeping tire pressure as low as possible for the corresponding weight present at that moment. You can choose from two automatic modes.

In Load Balance Mode the planter distributes weight across all six tires. The spindles are adjusting tire pressure. At the same time the weight transfer cylinders push and pull the wings to spread the weight.

You can shift all the weight to the center inline tandems in Controlled Traffic Mode (if you use a tram line). The inflation system starts automatically when folding and unfolding the planter. A folding planter gets hard tires ready for the road, while an unfolding planter lets air from the tires.

Design Innovation

The Power Beyond system controls systems like the fold and VCT of the smart frame. The CFS and vacuum fans are 19″. The center tires are inline tandem, which is similar to a track in footprint. The real benefit comes from the elimination of pinch-rows.

On a conventional planter, you must spread the tires out on the toolbar to straddle the rows. This creates an issue when the tires create sidewall compaction on the plant row in between. The 17″ front wheel and 22″ rear wheel distribute the weight with about 60% on the back of the tandem. This balance makes pulling easier.

Commodity Management

Hydraulic controls operate the row units so you can easily lift them for corn planting. Ultrasonic sensors are an option to measure the fill level of the seed hoppers. Another option on Momentum is a Venturri vacuum that makes cleaning out the row units an easy job.