2300 Ultra HD Series Big Square Baler

The 2300 UHD Series baler is the first class 8 baler in the industry. The UHD stands for Ultra High Density. This classification measures the force of the plunger and thus the density of the bale. The bales are up to 20% heavier than the 2200 series baler. This increase in weight represents an increase in efficiency. From the same crop there are fewer bales to knot, to collect, to truck, and to store. Handling such a plunger force required a new baler design. From the frame and mechanics right through to the styling the 2300 UHD is a new machine. The frame and look may have changed, but the reliability of a Hesston baler remains.


2370 UHD



Capacity Increased

20% heavier bales than the 2270 XD equates to 15% fewer bales.  These numbers improve the efficiency of the entire crop handling process.

  • 15% fewer knots for increased uptime
  • 15% reduction in collection time
  • 15% reduction in trucking costs
  • 15% less storage required
  • 20% increase in material stacked in same storage space

These gains are all ways for the farmer to handle more crop with less resources.

Bale Forming

The bale forming process has changed to increase the bale density. One major change is the plunger force. Instead of making the flywheel heavier, now runs up at 1500rpms (131% increase over 2270XD). Coupled to an Ultra Gearbox that introduces torque split gearing the plunger delivers 760kn of force. The strokes per minute of the UltraPress™ plunger are also increased from 47 to 50.  An auto reset clutch replaces the shear bolt safeguard.  The clutch disconnects power transfer when there is a blockage and reengages at again slow speed.

Making a denser bale also means picking up more material.  The OptiFlow™ Pickup has a 104” working width with a top auger that funnels crop to the middle.  The 80 double curved tines are a 25% increase over the 2270XD.

The OptiForm® ultra bale chamber also contributes to density. To create density, the crop meets extreme resistance as it moves through the baler. The pressure on the partial bale creates plunger load. The 157.8” (28″ longer than 2270XD) chamber length means a longer time for the crop to be in the chamber. This creates more resistance. Also, the 7” density cylinders that squeeze on the sides of the bale chamber are 55% larger than on the 2270XD.

The UHD has 6 Hesston knotters, all enlarged for heavier twine. These balers use 750 and 800 knot strength twines. There is capacity for 6 balls per knotter for a total of 36 balls on the baler. The advantages of 6 knotters include having less twine per bale, making fewer knots, and having fewer maintenance parts. All these things contribute to more up-time.

The electronic bale length system takes the mechanical control from this process. You can set the desired bale length from the terminal, and also control flake width. The system monitors the length of each flake and will tie off if it sees the next flake will tip the length of the bale over the preset. This results in a more consistent bale length over the course of a field.

Crop Flow


The main frame of the UHD is heavy duty, designed for high density demands. The new body styling allows the nose cone to lift out of the way of the flywheel. A longer tongue gives the unit a sharper turning radius, even with rear duals on the tractor. The suspended tandem axle, gives a smooth ride, and minimizes soil compaction. The tire turning reduces crop scuffing. Hydraulic brakes are standard equipment, and air brakes are an option. The baler has LED lights which create minimal heat. Placed in strategic spots, light control is from the terminal or from the rear of the baler.