Massey Ferguson 1800M Series Tractor

The Massey Ferguson 1800M is the deluxe series of compact tractors. They are perfectly sized for hobby farms and small acreage. They are excellent for general maintenance, small-scale grading, horse farms, hunting properties, landscaping, and construction. These machines work well when quality is necessary, but bigger is not better. An 1800M series tractor offers the the quality and performance of a large tractor, in small form. Built on a heritage of industry leading innovation, the 1800M brings the capability to your applications. Contact one of our sales representatives, and get a tractor that suits your needs.





Model Comparison


Maple Lane

Let Maple Lane Farm Service be your Massey Ferguson dealership. You can find us to the East of Mount Forest, Ontario. We want to get you the parts and service support you need.

Maple Lane has years of experience and history as a tractor dealership. Our sales team can answer your questions, and get you set up with a machine that matches your needs. We stock all necessary parts, and have on-call service vans. We can provide industry leading service to your Massey Ferguson compact tractor.


The Massey Ferguson 1800M series has the label ‘M’ which stands for premium. These tractors have the features and abilities of a utility tractor and the simplicity of a compact tractor. They are perfect for acreage owners and small hobby operations.

There is a lot of flexibility. You can go with cab or platform, and adding a mid-mount PTO gives you front and mid mount attachments. You can include a backhoe as another useful tool. This machine has many options to meet your needs.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Massey Ferguson 1800M Hydrostatic

The 3-range hydrostatic is a popular option. There is snail creeper range, tortoise work range, and hare transport range. The side by side forward reverse pedals are comfortable and simple to use. The auto-throttle feature increases the speed as the pedal goes down.

A max speed is helpful for something like tilling where you do not want to go past a certain working speed. There is also a cruise control feature.


Mechanical Transmission

The 12×12 mechanical transmission is a slightly cheaper solution. It is likely a fit with more experienced operators. The power shuttle allows the direction changes to be effortless. It makes loader work to be more comfortable.

Loader Features

Massey Ferguson 1800M Loader

The FL2611 loader is soft drive capable. This kit enhances user comfort and reduces stress on the loader. A hydraulic cushion takes the bumps on the loader and softens the shock.

The loader is also configurable with a 3rd function which allows hydraulic controls to operate the loader. An example of a third function would be a bale grapple that opens separate from the loader’s movements.


Massey Ferguson 1800M Remote

The 1800M has two hydraulic systems. Having a separate power steering system means the attachments always have the flow to operate smoothly. You can order this tractor with one remote, and up to three remotes.


Massey Ferguson 1800M Series

The independent 540 PTO stub allows key rear mount tools to be used.  The soft startup feature is important to have with high impact implements as it reduces stress on gear boxes and components.