Massey Ferguson 6700 Series

Massey Ferguson 6700 Series

The Massey Ferguson 6700 Series is the flagship of the Global Series tractors. This is a heavy workhorse, that skips the bells and whistles of some higher spec series. With it you get the tools of a big tractor, and avoid the cost of lots of features. This is a basic machine that will get the job done right. The 6700 Series is perfect for a situation where you want function over feature.


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Massey Ferguson 6700 Series

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Massey Ferguson 6700 Series


Engine & Emissions

The Massey Ferguson 6700 Series runs a 4.4L 4 cylinder Tier IV final diesel engine.  The emissions standards have been influencing these new engine designs.  There is more efficient horsepower from a 4 cylinder now then we have seen in the past.  Besides the usual hand and foot controls there is an engine speed memory switch.  This switch allows the storing of a specific RPM for use at any point.

There is an all in one system to control emissions.  The DOC/SCR combination has a few advantages.  Avoiding the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) soot burning system is great.  There is less risk of fire, and no inconvenience of parking and waiting for a clean out.  The DOC is a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst.  Here the exhaust passes through a catalyst that turns the gas to carbon dioxide and water.  SCR treatment stands for Selective Catalytic Reduction.  It mixes DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) with exhaust to further reduce the harmful particles.  The 6700 Series has a variable rate DEF injection which depends on engine load.

Deluxe Configuration

The Massey Ferguson 6700 is only available in deluxe configuration. The standard power shuttle allows direction changes without using the foot clutch. There are three-point hitch controls on the rear fenders. These tractors have 26 GPM high flow, open center hydraulics and mid mounted work lights.  These tractors can come with a cab or as an open station.

Front Axle

The 6700 Series is only available with a 4WD configuration.  This straight front axle is designed for heavy loads.


The rear hitch has a 9391 lb full stroke lift capacity from 24″ behind the ball ends. Draft control is also standard. The electro-hydraulic 540/540E/1000 RPM rear PTO is standard on all 6700 Series tractors.