Massey Ferguson RK Series Rakes


Massey Ferguson RK.361 DN

RK.361 DN

Massey Ferguson RK.451 TR

RK.451 TR

Massey Ferguson RK.662 SDTRC


Massey Ferguson RK.662 TRC

RK.662 TRC

Massey Ferguson RK.772 SDTRC


Massey Ferguson RK.802 TRC Pro

RK.802 TRC Pro

Massey Ferguson RK.842 SDTRC Pro

RK.842 SDTRC Pro

Massey Ferguson RK.1002 TRC

RK.1002 TRC

Model Comparison

The RK Series rotary rakes’ high-capacity design sweeps hay or forage into a tidy windrow without gathering dirt, debris or unwanted material. The sweeping action maximizes leaf retention for higher quality hay. These RK series rakes are known for creating well-formed, less-roped windrows that allow maximum air circulation and fast crop drying. The RK Series rakes feature gentle crop handling and the capacity that operators of big balers and self-propelled forage harvesters demand for harvester efficiency. By gently sweeping the crop, rather than rolling it to the center as a wheel rake does, RK Series rotary rakes maximize leaf retention and crop quality while building fluffier, faster-drying windrows. The sweeping action also reduces the potential for rocks, dirt and debris in the windrow for a cleaner raking job.

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