Sunflower 1710

Quick Specs:

  • Model: 5 widths
  • Cutting Width: 11' to 17' - 11"
  • Transport Height: 7'
  • Transport Width: 12' - 7" to 19' - 8"
  • Weight per Foot: 299 - 441 lbs
  • Options: rigid or spring cushion gang
  • Weight: 11029 - 15248 lbs

Sunflower has always been known for building rugged, heavy disc harrows. But the new SF1700 Series Offset Disc Harrows take weight and strength to a new level. Featuring large diameter, full-concavity blades and the highest weight per foot in the industry, the 1700 Series is designed to penetrate packed soils, as well as the thickly matted crop residue that comes with today’s high-yielding, genetically modified crop varieties. Available in cutting widths from 11’ to 24’ 11” — including two models built specifically for
the construction industry — the 1700 Series is designed to size and incorporate even the toughest crop material in your quest to return nutrients to the soil and maximize crop potential.