Sunflower 9312

Quick Specs:

  • Model: 3 widths
  • Working Width: 7' - 6" to 15'
  • Transport Width: 10' to 18'
  • Transport Height: 5' - 4"
  • Weight: 3481 - 7222 lbs
  • Linkage: pull type

Smaller farming operations have found this tough, compact grain drill can handle all of their conventional and no till seeding needs. Sunflower’s 9312 end wheel design positions the all purpose openers and the end wheels in line for uniform performance – even on rough terrain. When seeding side hills and sloped fields, the end wheels act as stabilizers to hold the openers steady and do not subject the openers to the extreme side pressures encountered by caddy mounted units. The tough 9312 Pasture Drill is built with the same heavy frame and quality guidelines as the rest of Sunflower’s grain drill line. You just can’t find a more durable grain seeder! Available in 7 1/2′, 10′ and 15′ models.