Sunflower 9413

Quick Specs:

  • Model: 2 widths
  • Working Width: 15' to 20'
  • Transport Width: 18' - 1" to 23'
  • Transport Height: 6' - 2"
  • Weight: 5403 - 8063 lbs
  • Linkage: 3 pt hitch

The Sunflower Model 9413 grain drill is equipped with large 3.75 bu. of seed per foot hoppers. Big capacity and ease of operation are key factors in maintaining Sunflower drills as first choice with North American farmers. Whether it’s no-till, min-till or conventional seeding, the Sunflower 9413 is easily adjusted to do it all. Heavy-duty construction produces built-in weight and strength to meet the most demanding no-till conditions. If conventional or minimum tillage seeding is called for, the all-purpose “Heads Up” opener down pressures can be quickly adjusted, without tools.