Sunflower 9610

Quick Specs:

  • Model: 2 widths
  • Working Width: 15' to 20'
  • Transport Width: 17' - 1" to 21' - 3"
  • Transport Height: 6' - 2"
  • Weight: 4662 - 7539 lbs
  • Linkage: 3 pt hitch

Designed for producers who need a conventional or minimum tillage drill with plenty of capacity and versatility, the new Sunflower 9610 3-Point Grain Drill offers a choice of 15’ and 20’ planting widths in width choices of 6”, 7 1/2” and 10”. Productivity starts with a pair of the largest seed hoppers in the industry, which offer a capacity of three bushels per foot. That translates into 60 acres without refilling, when using the 20-foot model at a seeding rate of one bushel of seed per acre. However, the 9610 is also equally versatile. Standard-equipment pneumatic down pressure on each row, for example, ensures quick response to changing soil conditions. The 9610 is also available with a legume/grass seeder and/or native grass seeding attachment (except 6” spacing) for even broader seeding capabilities. The bolt-in hopper bottom even allows multiple row spacing using the same hopper, while “alfalfa reducer” inserts assure greater accuracy when planting small hard seeds like alfalfa, canola and clover.