Sunflower 6333

Quick Specs:

  • Model: 6 widths
  • Cutting Width: 21' to 36' - 7"
  • Transport Width: 13' - 4" to 17' - 6"
  • Transport Height: 11' - 3" to 15' - 2"
  • Weight: 12250 - 17290 lbs

A firm, level seedbed is one of the most important attributes to fast, uniform plant growth. Yet, fuel is getting more expensive and the time for multiple field passes comes at a premium. Why not consider a Sunflower 6221 or 6333 Land Finisher instead? In one trip, it performs discing, conditioning, incorporation and finishing in working widths from 17 to 37 feet. Loaded with features to help comply with today’s residue management requirements, the 6221 and 6333 can enhance seed-to-soil contact and create a favorable environment for early root growth — all while reducing input costs when preparing fields for planting.
Disc, condition, incorporate, cultivate, and finish all in one trip. Could you be more efficient and still be farming? The Sunflower 6333 Land Finisher is tillage intensity at its finest. Easily adjustable and feature packed, the 6333 fits a wide range of medium horsepower tractors.