[Case Study] A Fendt 1050 Innovates an Alberta Farm

From FarmLife Magazine

It isn’t often that a single piece of equipment changes your life. But that is just what happened with a Fendt 1050. The team at FarmLife Magazine interviewed Michel Camps in Alberta, and they discussed how the Fendt 1050 Vario changed his farm.

Innovative Horsepower

The Fendt 1050 has an impressive 517 hp, which gives it incredible versatility for a row-crop tractor. Michel Camps was able to replace 2 tractors with a single Fendt 1050.

“We’re talking in the tens of thousands of dollars in savings a year by combining some of the operations that you would normally have two separate units for.” Michel explains that the efficiency and savings in operator costs alone is an incredible amount of money.

The amount of power in the 1050 has given this resourceful fellow some unique opportunities. He custom made an all-in-one potato-planting masterpiece. First, he puts 2 tanks on the front of the tractor, one for fertilizer and the other for fungicide. Then, with a rototiller and potato planter behind the tractor, he can accomplish the entire planting process in one pass with a single machine.

An excellent Heavy Draft/Transport Combo

Typically, that amount of work would be done by a large track machine, which has excellent power, but suffers when transporting. However, the Fendt 1050 is light and nimble, making it excellent for transportation. 

Michel says, “The 1050 being equipped with air brakes makes transport work of loads up to 30, 35 tons easier, all at going 50 kilometers an hour, which is an added benefit if you’ve got fields that are a little bit further away like ours are.” He goes on to say “the tractor automatically determines which RPM is suitable or the most fuel efficient for the operation you’re doing at the time” and “it’s been a tremendous advantage for our farm, for sure.”

A Fendt Fleet

A returning customer is a sure sign of a satisfied customer. The Camps’ didn’t stop with one Fendt tractor. Five Fendts later, they are still pleased with their dealer and with Fendt Tractors. They now have a 1050, a 936, an 828, a 720, and a 516 to round out their collection.

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