AGCO Plus is a program of AGCO Finance that helps you control when you pay for parts, and gets you 2% back for more parts purchases. In this article, we will cover all the features and benefits of AGCO Plus.

What is AGCO Plus?

Think of AGCO Plus like a line of credit for your parts purchases. You set up your account, and have 60-120 days with no interest and no payments. This will allow you to control your parts cost, and pay at the times when you have money coming in.

An Example of AGCO Plus

Your tractor gets serviced in February, but through AGCO Plus, you will not need to pay the bill until June. It is a great way to manage your cashflow.

You can also use AGCO Plus with workorders if more than 25% of your workorder is AGCO Parts.

Your AGCO Plus Account

Your AGCO Plus account is open at any AGCO Dealer, so you can purchase parts wherever you need to and still pay through AGCO Plus.

You can pay through your bank online, or in person. AGCO Plus is set up as a “payee” at all major banks, making it extremely simple to pay your bill.

You can view your AGCO Plus account through the button below, or set up a new AGCO Plus account, and check your balance any time.

AGCO Plus Smart Rewards

Not only do you get better management of your cashflow, but you will get 2% back on all your parts purchases. On $2,500 in parts, you will get back $50 for more purchases. This means AGCO is paying you to make no interest payments!

Once you have signed up for an AGCO Plus account, sign up for AGCO Plus Smart Rewards with the button below.

What Qualifies?

Qualifying transactions must be greater than $3,000 with the total value
of AGCO Parts accounting for at least 25% of the total transaction