Fendt 1050 Independent Study [Profi]


To see just what a Fendt 1000 Series is capable of, the team at Profi Magazine put a 1050 to the test. Keep reading to learn the results!

Engine Power

Fendt 1050 with Brush Hog

Considering this is the world’s largest fixed frame tractor, of course it was expected to deliver exceptional power. The Profi team states, “DLG testing started with the dyno. This revealed the new low speed concept: with the 380kW/517hp engine revving at 1,700rpm, the pto delivers a whopping 360.3kW/483.1hp. This output is maintained until the engine speed drops to 1,500rpm.” 

The low speed concept not only impacts fuel efficiency as we are about to see, but also increases the life of the engine. This is because it is making considerably fewer revolutions than similar sized tractors to generate the same amount of power.

Fuel Consumption

The Fendt 1050 was tested on the rolling road, which simulates a realistic in-field experience for testing tractors. The 500 horsepower tractor set records for low fuel consumption. 

The Profi Team states, “Here the first test results were 233g/kWh (+23.1g/kWh of AdBlue) — the 1050 sets another new record. On average the Dieselross [Fendt 1050] is nearly 20% more frugal than all of the tractors we have tested up to now. In light and medium work the rate may drop to as low as 25% less than the average; even in the heaviest jobs it’s still 15% below the average rate. Excellent results.”

Drawbar Power

Fendt 1000 series Drawbar power

The drawbar power in the Fendt 1050 and traction is obviously an important test result. “Drawbar power is suitably high, with the new TA400 stepless box delivering a maximum drawbar power of 313.7kW/420.6hp.” 

The Fendt 1050 had been tested previously on tractive power, and the Profi team found that “properly ballasted and the tyres set to the optimum pressure, the 1050 duly transferred its power effectively to the ground all the way down to 8km/hr.”


The Fendt 1050 is both powerful, and fuel efficient. You can read the rest of the test results at Profi Magazine’s website: Tractor Test: Fendt 1050 Vario – Profi