Fendt 1167 Vario MT: Profi Independent Study

Fendt 1167 Vario MT


The Fendt 1100 series is advertised as a heavy draft track tractor that is both powerful and efficient. But how will it stand up to scrutiny in an independent study? Profi answers that question for us in this article. They took a tricked out 1167 for a spin at the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab to see how it would perform.

PTO and Drawbar Power

Such a large tractor is meant for the most demanding implements. The Fendt 1167 boasts 673 hp, and the Profi team states “the test engineers in Nebraska measured 598.7 hp at the shaft… a very good result.”

Possibly even more impressive was the PTO power at 1,600 rpm. Not only was it a whopping 604.9 hp, but it also had “sensationally low diesel use of 212 or 207g/kwh.”

The Profi team also tested the drawbar power, since a machine like this is meant to pull massive implements. “…There seemed to be no real restriction on the drawbar power, with a measured result of 512.6 hp.”

All in all, an excellent heavy draft tractor with immense power.

Fuel Efficiency

It may be a powerful machine, but where the 1167 really shined was in its fuel economy. “…The Fendt excels in terms of fuel use.” Profi said, “Here, the combination of a low engine speed and CVT seems to fit very well, with 246 g/kWh making the 1167 MT more economical than its four-track competitors with their powershift transmissions, which achieved 255 g/kWh.” 

The large Vario tractor actually consumed 20% less fuel at rated speed than some of Profi’s other test subjects in the same horsepower range.


The Fendt 1167 the Profi team tested had 2 independent pumps that delivered a combined 467.9 l/min oil flow (the advertised oil flow is 440 l/min). “There are up to eight double-acting spools on machines without a linkage; if you add lift arms the spool tally drops to six.”

The Profi team does mention that the rear lift capacity won’t matter to many consumers, but it is a testament to the versatility of this tractor. “The question of the MT’s rear linkage is unnecessary for many users who are just after pulling power.” They said, “Nevertheless, we’d like to point out the measured continuous lift capacity of 9,930daN. You can lift sizeable kit with that.”

Additional Features

There are a couple additional features on the 1100 that make it even a little more desirable. The swiveling Cat V drawbar is one of them. “It not only allows a vertical load of up to 6,800kg, but the design can also swing sideways by +/- 28°. This set-up greatly simplifies headland turns for the MT’s twin tracks and trailed implements.”

Another plus is the Smartride+ suspension. “The manufacturer’s ‘SmartRide+’ suspension of the undercarriage with hydraulic height compensation of +/-9cm has also proved helpful. The springs not only improve the driving comfort, but, thanks to the additional cylinders, the MT can always be optimally aligned with the push of a button, depending on the towing point and ballasting.”


The Fendt 1100 series not only makes an excellent draft work tractor, but it proves to be versatile in many ways. Ideal for farmers who care about fuel efficiency, the 1100 can complete a variety of tasks well, and do it in an efficient manner.