Fendt 200 Vario Independent Study [Profi Magazine]

A Fendt 200 Vario with tillage equipment.

The Fendt 200 series has gone through a few independent studies conducted by Profi Magazine. They have done a few tests now on this little machine, and are now testing the 211 S, the highest horsepower model. Here are the results!

These numbers are simply the result of a single test. Results can vary across tests.

The 211 S has outstanding fuel efficiency

The 211 has increased power over the previous edition. Normally, this would mean an increase in fuel consumption, but not in this case. The Fendt 211 Vario consumes 265g/kWh at the rated speed and 243g/kWh at absolute power. This aligns perfectly with the industry standard, which is impressive for such an advanced tractor.

Smooth, Stepless Driving

The stepless transmission offers smooth driving to 40/km h. In the Profi testing, the 211 reached this speed at only 1,550 rpm. According to Profi, “the 211 also scores with a very well-tuned engine/gearbox…” This fine tuned system can also decrease fuel consumption.

Hydraulics and Lift Capacity

The Fendt 200 has outstanding hydraulic capacity

The Fendt 211 S that was tested by Profi had a maximum hydraulic flow rate of 101.6 l/m. This, they said, was “plenty of oil” and that it had an “impressive…35L oil reserve”. The hydraulic capacity makes it ideal for implements and loader work.

If the team at Profi had a complaint, it was that the 211 needed more lifting power than the 9,451 lbs it offers. Other than that, there were no complaints regarding the rear linkage.

Modern, Comfortable Cab

Not only is the Fendt 211 quieter than previous models, it has an increase in capability due to the new FendtONE operator station. According to Profi, “…the excellent array of controls allows you to do pretty much everything.” Fendt has moved all of their models into a high tech space for the innovative farmers of the world.


These are the results from the Profi Test Centre. All things considered, it was a very positive review of the advancements Fendt is making on their product lines.

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To read the full report, you can check it out at Profi! Tractor Test: Fendt 211 Vario with Fendt One – Profi