The New Hardi Presidio Self-Propelled has Arrived

The snow may still be falling, but here at Maple Lane we are getting ready for spring.  The newest arrival to the yard is this self-propelled Hardi Presidio.  It is our newest sprayer, ready for the season and soon to be joined by a big brother Hardi Saritor.

Hardi Presidio

The Presidio has a 700 gallon main tank and 70 gallon flush tank integrated into the chassis.  EAGLE boom widths of 80’ or 90’ produce high work rates and make spraying fast and efficient.  The Presidio has 4WD, combined with a 3-speed hydrostatic transmission.  The Saritor has either a 1100 or 1300 gallon main tank and boasts 90′, 100′, 120′, or 132′ TERRA FORCE booms.  It runs a smooth 4WD hydrostatic transmission.   Both these self-propelled sprayers are available at Maple Lane for 2014!  For more details check out their section under the equipment heading.