Massey Ferguson at the South Pole

Around Maple Lane we are getting ready for cold weather. There is a tractor ready for snow in the yard, and we will to get you winter prepared as well. It might get cold here, but its nothing like the South Pole. A Massey Ferguson 5610 has been making the trek across the continent this month, and is currently on the return trip after a successful bid to the pole.

The team reported their arrival.

“04.30 hours CET. This is December 9th, Camp 17. After 17 days and 2500 kilometres, we are at a red and white striped pole with a reflective ball on top, surrounded by flags. This is South 90 – as far South as anybody can go. It’s unbelievable – at the South Pole there is a red Massey Ferguson tractor! We’re all ecstatic to be here and so proud to be taking our hero shots with the tractor that never gave us cause to doubt that it would be up for the challenge. Thank you all for your support.”

Massey Ferguson at South Pole
Massey Ferguson at South Pole

You can follow the team more closely on their website.

What a tremendous display of reliability from the Massey Ferguson 5610! #BELIEVEINIT