New for 2016 ProCut Baler from Massey Ferguson

ProCut Coming for 2016
Massey Ferguson ProCut Baler

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The Massey Ferguson big square balers have received a much anticipated update in time for next year’s season. The two new models are the 2250 ProCut and the 2270 ProCut. Still designed and manufactured in Hesston, these balers have a few notable improvements.  180 horsepower is required to run these balers.  The new ProCut quad auger design, opens the infeed space up, the ProCut rotor has been totally redesigned with a v-shape pattern of fingers for more even bale density. The new ProCut drop down knife bed gets any operator excited about the convenience, and the new ProCut knives have been changed to a hydraulic configuration.

ProCut Auger

New ProCut Quad Auger Design
•Reduces crop resistance and increase capacity
•Promotes smooth feeding and reduces plugging potential
•New pick-up cam tracks to improve feeding in all crop types

ProCut Rotor

New ProCut Rotor
•Aggressive rotor to improve crop feeding & capacity
•‘V’ shaped pattern design
•25.5” (650mm) diameter
•10% faster rotor speed
•Bolt on finger sections
•High strength central rotor tube
•Packer remains behind rotor for improved feeding & consistent flake formation

ProCut Knife Bed

New ProCut Drop Down Knife Bed
•Hydraulic drop down & slide-out knife bed drawer
•Controlled from the tractor cab
•Equal spacing across full chamber width
•Modify knife configurations
•Easy access to the knife magazine

ProCut Knives

New ProCut Knives
•2250 baler = 17 knives at 1.5” cut lengths
•2270 baler = 26 knives at 1.5” cut lengths
•New design of serration for longer life
•Easily removable knives with no tools required
•Modify knife configurations
•Hydraulic engagement of each bank
•Each bank is hydraulically protected
•Full set of knife blanking plates