Stay Safe this Harvest!

Four Equipment Tips for a Safe Harvest Season

It’s one of the busiest times of year. Every harvest season brings long days in the field and a short window of opportunity. But when your livelihood depends on getting a lot of work done as quickly as possible, safety can be compromised. Review these four equipment safety tips before you climb in the cab today.

  1. Know Your Equipment. Perform a basic walkthrough of your equipment before you use it. Ensure safety shield and guards are in place, remove any debris and double-check items that could cause injury from a trip or fall, including:
    • Ladders
    • Steps
    • Platforms
    • Handrails
    • Protruding objects
  2. Teach Proper Operation. Whether you have friends, family members or employees helping you out with this year’s harvest, make sure they’re fully aware of how to safely operate your equipment. Take the time to familiarize them with the equipment and review operator’s manuals.
  3. Schedule Regular Maintenance. Reduce downtime caused by unexpected breakdowns by scheduling your equipment for regular maintenance throughout harvest season. Check with your equipment dealer about maintenance options that fit your equipment’s needs and your busy harvest schedule.
  4. Stay Alert on the Road. Distracted driving can lead to costly mistakes, especially when heavy machinery is involved. Always be aware of your surroundings when you’re in the driver’s seat and follow these safety recommendations:
    • Limit the number of passengers in equipment
    • Use your lights and flashers, especially at night
    • Watch for people and vehicles in high-traffic areas like elevators
    • Don’t use your phone while operating equipment
    • Take breaks and get enough sleep to avoid fatigue while driving

For information about harvest equipment and AGCO Parts maintenance programs, call Maple Lane at 519-323-4289.