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FarmLife feature: Maple Lane Customer Loves Fendt

The Vollmer Family taking delivery of their Fendt 1038

FarmLife magazine recently ran several stories covering KTM Family Farm, located in Wingham, Ontario.  There Murray Vollmer and his sons farm 1800 acres and finish hogs.  KTM was the first customer to take delivery of a Fendt 1000 Series tractor from Maple Lane in early 2017.  The Fendt 1038 was also one of the very ... Read More

1000th Fendt 1000 Already!

Terpstra 1000th Fendt 1000

Congratulations to Jeremy and Herman Terpstra, Terpstra Farms Ltd, of Brussels, ON! Their Fendt 1038 is the 1000th Fendt 1000 to roll off the assembly line.  Finished on December 20, 2017, the tractor will hopefully get to the farm by late February. The Fendt assembly line recently paused to recognize this achievement.  The Fendt 1000 has been ... Read More

Celebrate Canada Ag Day

Canada's Agriculture Day

Canada’s Agriculture Day is today, February 16, 2017.  This is a day when everyone can come together to celebrate the business of Canadian agriculture. It’s a time to showcase all the amazing things happening in the industry and create a closer connection between consumers, our food and the people who produce it. Maple Lane salutes our ... Read More

Thank You for Attending Customer Appreciation Day

Customer Appreciation Day 2014

Customer Appreciation Day was a huge success! We had a helicopter, fire truck, thermometers, heavy rain, rainbows, and lots of time to eat and chat. Thank you to all our customers who took the time to attend and make the day a success. We look forward to seeing you all again.

Customer Appreciation Day July 15

Customer Appreciation Day July 15, 2014

Come visit with our staff and reps at Maple Lane's customer appreciation day. Take a break from the summer rush for some food served throughout the day. Special Children's event at 4:30pm and 7:30pm.