Maple Lane News

Winterizing Your Sprayer

Hardi Commander 10000 sprayer

Use the following steps to insure your sprayer is safe for the winter and ready for next spring. WARNING: Never enter inside the spray tank. WARNING: Never use bleach when using Hardi Tank Clean or any ammonia based product. (Bleach should be never used to clean a sprayer) REMINDER: Always wear protective clothing around chemicals ... Read More

2″ & 3″ Poly Fittings in Stock

Sprayer Hardware 2" & 3" Poly Fittings

Check out our new display & increased stock on 2″ & 3″ poly fittings and valves.  We are always updating our showroom, adding stock and keeping up with our customers needs.  With spraying season just beginning, we are prepared to help you setup with fittings, hoses and pumps.

The Arrival of Hardi Saritor

Hardi Saritor Arrival

Another wide load arrived at Maple Lane this morning.  A new Hardi Saritor brings more options to the self-propelled sprayer line.

The New Hardi Presidio Self-Propelled has Arrived

Hardi Presidio

The snow may still be falling, but here at Maple Lane we are getting ready for spring.  The newest arrival to the yard is this self-propelled Hardi Presidio.  It is our newest sprayer, ready for the season and soon to be joined by a big brother Hardi Saritor. The Presidio has a 700 gallon main tank ... Read More