This page was last updated: January 8, 2024.
Anonymous data collection descriptions adjusted: noted Matomo as the application we use for data collection; referal URL no longer being tracked; data retention period removed, as–while more fine grained reports (daily and weekly) are deleted within two years–more general data (page views and monthly reports for example) are retained indefinitely.


The privacy of your personal information is important to us. Therefore, we endeavour to:

  • Only collect that information from you which is necessary to offer or better the services which we provide.
  • Protect the personal information that we do collect from you from unauthorized and illegitimate uses.

Data Collection

By visiting our website, certain data is automatically collected (or accessible) such as your IP address and certain data about your browser (such as browser type, user agent and display size). Most of this data (such as display size) is only temporarily used in order to better display the website, and is forgotten (and inaccessible) when you leave the site. However, your IP address and user agent may be recorded indefinitely within our logs, in order to identify and prevent malicious use of our site and its services.

Other data is collected when provided by you through your use of our services, such as when placing an item in your cart, making a purchase, signing up for our newsletter, or when using our contact form. We must record this data in order to offer the services you have requested. This data may include such things as: a first and last name, an e-mail address, a phone number, city and country of residence, as well as billing and shipping information.

Should you phone us, certain information about the call (such as the phone number, display name, and call duration) is logged indefinitely for statistical and security purposes. The voice data of calls is not recorded.

We also utilize Matomo to perform some anonymous data collection based on users’ interactions with our website. This data can include such information as: how many times a page has been visited or a button has been pressed, or how long a user spent on our site. We collect such information in order to measure the effectiveness of our website and to better its content. But this data is anonymized and is not shared with third party services. So by using this information we may be able to tell how popular one of our pages was in a month, but not who visited it.

Data Retention

Automatic data collection for the purposes of security (such as IP addresses that have accessed our site) are retained indefinitely.

Data you provide through our webstore in order to make a purchase (name, address, contact information, and products ordered) is retained for 3 months after the completion of your order. After which your personal information is anonymized, while the general order information (products ordered, order total, country of purchase, etc.) is kept for statistical and records-keeping purposes. We do not retain the data required to make payments (such as credit card numbers); we simply forward that data on to the payment processor that you choose to use. Links to their privacy policies can be found in the next section (Data Sharing).

Contact information you provide us when signing up for a newsletter is retained until you opt-out of the newsletter.

Information you provide through e-mail or when using our contact form is kept until you request its deletion.

We regularly store encrypted backups of our data and the data we collect. As it is not feasible for us to remove data from all of our backups, we will instead retain records of deletion requests, and carry out those requests on recovered data, should the need arise to restore data from our backups.

Data Sharing

We use Google Analytics to track how our website gets used and to help better our ads. Unlike the data collection through Matomo, this type of tracking gets shared with Google (due to how their service works). However, you can opt-out of this this tracking and data sharing by visiting our Cookie Policy page and disabling the statistics and marking type cookies. Depending on your region, this may be disabled by default.

We do (and must) share your billing and shipping information with our payment processors and shipping couriers in order to allow you to make purchases on our site. The payment processors we use are Paypal and Bambora (Worldline). We use a variety of shipping couriers including (but not limited to): Canada Post, Purolator, and UPS. For more information on how they use your data, please review their privacy policies.

We utilize the service mailchimp for our newsletters. Therefore, if you sign-up for our newsletter, we will pass that information onto them in order to provide this service. You can view their privacy policy here.

We may also disclose your personal information if required by law.


Our website and services utilize cookies. Some are necessary for our website to function properly while others are optional. To better understand their usage, and to opt-in or opt-out of the optional cookies, please visit our cookie policy page for the country wherein you reside (or Canada, if not listed): Canada, Australia, Brazil, European Union, United KingdomSouth Africa.


We do not intentionally collect the personal information of children (those under the age of consent in their country), and we request that children do not submit their personal information to us.


We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at our discretion. As such, we recommend that you periodically review this policy to remain aware of how we use your data.

Access and Modification

Should you so desire, you may submit a request to:

  • Access the data we have about you.
  • Update the date we have about you (should it be inaccurate).
  • Delete the data we have about you.

To submit such a request please use the contact information below. In order for us to comply with such a request, you will need to sufficiently prove you are who you say you are.


For questions relating to this policy, please contact Zachary Menzies using the information below.

Maple Lane Farm Service Inc.
9545 Concession 6N,
Mount Forest, ON

Phone: 519-323-4289
Email: [email protected]