SN19345 Mckay Cultivator Sweep M9B


9″ Bolt-on Mckay/Empire cultivator sweep made in Regina SK. 47 degree stem angle. High-quality carbon steel construction. 1/4″ thick. Heat treated. Specially designed for long life in high-speed cultivating conditions. Bolt-on style. Requires 2 7/16×1.5″ or 7/16×1.75″ plow bolts to complete installation.

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You want your cultivator to do the ultimate job. The most important part of that cultivator is the metal that s in the ground. If your sweeps are worn, your seed bed will be less than optimal.
Mckay cultivator sweeps are built out of hard 10B30 Boron steel with quality craftsmanship. Use for soil layer break up, weed-control, trash burial, and fertilizer incorporation.


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