FX01210 AgraTronix Moisture Tester

$340.36 CAD

Silage, Forage, Grain, Moisture Tester

Quick and simple testing procedure:
1. fill sample bag with material and place in tester
2. turn pressure control knob to correct pressure
3. press sample button
4. take log reading from digital display and refer to appropriate log card for percent moisture.

No pre-weighing necessary. Tester stays clean because plastic zipper closure bags keep sample material from contaminating test cavity.
Automatic shutoff extends battery life. Has battery-test button. Operates on a single 9V alkaline battery. Comes with 100 sample bags.

Accuracy: 1%-3%. Moisture range: 30%-75% for silage, 10%-47% for grain.
Made in the U.S.A.

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