Premium Fendt Roadster

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The highlight of the Track BF3 Fendt with roll bar is the integrated 3-gear transmission with back pedal brake. The transmission also facilitates driving on hilly terrain. The BF3 free-wheel prevents the pedals from turning when driving forward. The driver can therefore stop pedaling while moving forward, which minimizes the risk of injury. To reverse the go-kart, you intuitively break with the pedals or the handbrake until stopped. At this point the pedals turn backwards and the reverse gear engage automatically. With studded tyres, floating axle, exhaust, spherical head steering, front spoiler and 6 seating positions, it is equal to its bigger role models in terms of efficiency and reliability. The roll bar keeps the driver safe even in rough terrain. Thanks to the integrated trailer hitch, you are well equipped for any work in the field. Suitable for children from 5 years upwards. L 150 W 86 D 80 cm. Weight: 52 kg. Bears loads up to 100 kg. DINO CARS

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