Happy Fendt Forester

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Dickie Toys Happy Fendt Forester: off to the forest! No log is too heavy for the Dickie Toys Happy Fendt Forester. The toy tractor with freewheel function provides a lot of inspiration for motor training. A mechanical claw is waiting at the front, which can be opened and closed via the large handle. The trailer has a manual claw on the swivel arm with which the associated trunks can be placed and moved. Hearing and seeing are also trained, because light and sound are also on board. All these functions are perfectly tailored to toddlers aged 12 months and over and invite them to explore the world with the Dickie Toys Happy Fendt Forester. -Dickie Toys Happy Fendt Forester -Toy tractor with freewheel and trailer -mechanical claw on the front for opening and closing, trailer with manual grab, including tree trunks -with light and sound -batteries included (2x AA) -from 12 months

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