Helping Farmers Succeed At The Job They Love

Farming equipment and service that reduces downtime and keeps you in the field

You live to farm. That is what gets you up each morning.

Downtime shouldn’t keep you from the work you love.

Equipment downtime can frustrate farmers to no end. You don’t feel like you are heard by your dealer. Parts take too long to ship. You have nothing to replace your tractor when it goes down. And it only escalates during planting and harvest.

We understand how frustrating that can be.

But, we have also seen 100’s of farms overcome downtime and achieve success.

1 out of 3 farmers fear losing their farm because of equipment downtime.

Without a plan, that could be you.

Here is a plan for your farm so you can succeed doing the job you love:

1. Contact Our Team

We will work with you to address your problems and find the best solutions.

2. Demo Equipment

You can demo equipment on your farm to see if it is a good fit.

3. Price Your Trade-In

Get the best price for your trade.

4. Grow Your Farm

You can grow your farm because you are receiving great equipment and service.

Maple Lane has been helping customers for 45 years

In that time we have watched 100’s of farmers overcome the obstacles of farming with reliable equipment and effective service.

80+ 5-Star Reviews

Better Service Means Less Downtime

Better service takes care of you and your farm by having available parts, loaners in case of breakdown, and 3-Year/3,000 hour warranties.

Less Downtime Means Better Productivity

Having less downtime reduces your stress and gives you more time in the field.

Better Productivity Means More Margin

More Margin gives you the chance you need to grow. Buy more land, hire high-quality employees, or take more time for other things.

Downtime costs farmers $4.2 Billion each year.

How much is it costing you?

Get our Free Fendt Operator Training so you and your team can learn to drive a Fendt Tractor in a fast and simple way.

Downtime costs farmers billions of dollars every year. And you can’t put a price on the stress breakdowns cause. Almost ⅓ of farmers fear the loss of their farms should their equipment break down for too long.

Downtime leaves you feeling frustrated. Farming is difficult. You have so many factors to plan around. 

Your equipment shouldn’t put your farm in danger. It should help your farm grow to be more successful. Equipment will always break down. But those breakdowns shouldn’t cut the joy out of the job you love.

Maple Lane Farm Service has seen the effects of downtime in the lives of farmers. 

  • It’s the reason we have a fleet of service vans. 
  • It’s the reason we pickup parts from warehouses every day. 
  • It’s the reason we sell Fendt tractors with a 48-hour loaner guarantee.

More than 50% of farmers say they have lost crops due to equipment downtime. Maple Lane’s Fendt customers will have far fewer issues with downtime. Why? Because they have been equipped with a plan when their equipment goes down. This is that plan.

  1. Contact the service team.
  2. They will determine how long the repair will take.
  3. You get back to work with a loaner if the repair will take more than 2 days.

It is as simple as that. Imagine how that could change the way you farm. You would have no fear of breakdowns, and a plan for when they happen. Not only that, but when your Fendt Tractor does break down, all the parts and service is covered for 3 years. All of a sudden, your breakdowns cost you almost nothing.

If this sounds like a plan that can solve your downtime problems, here is what you need to do:

  1. Contact our team
  2. They will help you add Fendt to your fleet seamlessly
  3. You can move your farm forward with great equipment and service

Again, ⅓ farmers are concerned they could lose their farms because of downtime. That doesn’t need to be you. Contact our team and get a solution to your downtime issues.

Don’t let downtime hold you back.

Achieve success and have more time for farming by contacting our team.