Sunflower 5035

Quick Specs:

  • Model: 10 widths
  • Cutting Width: 18' - 6" to 36' - 6"
  • Transport Width: 13' to 17'
  • Transport Height: 8' - 5" to 15' - 1"
  • Weight: 6000 - 10450 lbs

Sunflower’s Model 5035 Field Cultivator features heavy construction, outstanding clearance and superb flotation. The 3″ x 4″ rectangular tube frame provides the strength today’s high horsepower tractors require, and Sunflower’s computer design features optimum shank placement for unmatched clearance. The Model 5035 features single point depth control with rephasing lift cylinders…all covered under our three year warranty. Shanks are available in either spring tension or S-tine design and offer up to 190 pounds of point load for extra tough conditions. Walking tandems and 9.5L tires provide the necessary flotation farmers require of a field cultivator, and the self leveling hitch maintains a level frame from the front to rear regardless of operating depth.