Sunflower Cultivators: Tillage and Cultivation Equipment

Sunflower tillage will help you get the yields you need.

Sunflower creates tilling equipment and seeders that can perform any task you need them to. Sunflower began in 1941 in Beloit, Kansas, but they have grown considerably. People all around the world are using Sunflower tools.

Decades ago, they invented the very first flexible plow. They continued to develop tools that make farmers’ jobs easier and meet a variety of needs.

Sunflower cultivators and tillage can help to increase your farming yield in a variety of ways.

  • Weed Control
  • Compact Soil Reduction
  • Erosion Control

Sunflower designs their equipment differently, so that it will perform differently. They have excellent customer service, and they cover their equipment with a 3 year limited warranty.

Sunflower Seeding Tools

Sunflower considers seeding a science. They have developed excellent drills after years of experience of innovation. They strive for great performance in all their seeding equipment.

All Sunflower seeders have extremely stable and accurate depth control. They are both accurate, and can operate at high speeds. Sunflower introduced the 9900 Air Cart to complement the 9800 Disc Drill. Together, they are the most effective seeder on the market.

Sunflower Cultivating Tools

Customers use Sunflower cultivators on millions of acres of land. That experience has earned them a place as an expert in tillage and cultivation.

They offer tools for every growing condition so you have a selection that meets your needs.

They know that if you can improve the growing environment, you will have a better chance of success.

Sunflower’s Warranty Program

Warranties are extremely important in the farming industry. Sunflower builds their cultivators and tools to be durable and to withstand the toughest workload. They stand behind all the equipment they produce.

Sunflower wants their customers to be confident that their equipment will not let them down. Maple Lane covers all Sunflower Equipment with their standard 3 year limited warranty.