Sunflower 2510

Quick Specs:

  • Model: 3 widths
  • Cutting Width: 12' - 6" to 17' - 6"
  • Transport Width: 13' - 6" to 17' - 1"
  • Transport Height: 6' - 8"
  • Weight: 6289 - 7456 lbs

The Sunflower 2500 series delivers a uniform and consistent result by using one of two shank options: a 650 lb. or 1,000 lb. point load, with 12 or 15-inch shank spacing. The tool stays balanced with walking tandems at all wheel lift locations and gauge wheels on every full flexing wing frame-. This maintains the frame height to keep the chisel points at a set depth no matter how rolling the terrain may be. There is a choice of three finishing attachments: 3-row coil tine, 2-row coil tine with flat bar reel or 5-row spike drag. The 2500 series is durable with large tires, wheels, spindles and hubs that pivot on “service free” 4 1/2” diameter UHMW lift bearings and provide lift and stability in the field and on the road. The heavy 4” x 4” x 3/8” frame accommodates a 12 or 15 inch shank spacing. Angled cross bracing directs frame stress evenly throughout the frame.