Sunflower 4630

Quick Specs:

  • Model: 2 widths
  • Type: Disc Ripper
  • Cutting Width: 14' to 18'
  • Weight: 28376 - 29689 lbs

The new Sunflower 4600 Series Disc Ripper does more than just fulfill the demand for a machine that is large enough to maximize the power ratings of today’s high horsepower tractors. It’s also tough enough to handle the tillage demands of corn-on-corn rotation programs. Available in working widths from 14’ to 26’, the 4600 Series disc ripper combines primary surface tillage via two ranks of individually mounted disc blades with fracturing of subsoil compaction for maximum crop potential. Fact is, the Model 4630-13, equipped with 13 parabolic spring-reset shanks, is the largest flexible frame disc ripper in the industry. Add your choice of three different finishing harrow options — a heavy-duty coil tine harrow, two-bar coil tine harrow or five-bar spike tooth harrow — and the 4600 can be tailored to handle virtually any soil type and cropping condition in North America.