Farmers Want to Learn More About Fendt

Farm Industry News presents their FinOvation Awards (Farm Industry News innovation) each year for the products that generate the most requests for more information from readers.  Fendt has received a 2015 FinOvation award from a story about the newest generation of Tier 4 Final 800 & 900 Series Fendt tractors.  This is the newest generation of Fendt tractors and several innovations have obviously gotten the attention of farmers.

2015 Fendt FinOvation Award
AGCO receives FinOvation Award at the 2015 National Farm Machinery Show for their 800 and 900 Series Fendt tractors. Pictured left to right: Lindsey Pettyjohn, Kevin Bien, Josh Keeny, Richard Kohnen, and Ash Alt. Photo Credit: Frank Holdmeyer, Farm Industry News.

The newest Fendt 800 Series brings 185-245 PTO horsepower (220–280 engine HP) in four models; the 822, 824, 826, and 828. The Fendt 900 Series brings 225-300 PTO horsepower (270–360 engine HP) in four models; the 927, 930, 933, and 936.  These tractors maintain the impressive heritage that Fendt has for innovation and excellence.

“As is always the case with Fendt tractor engineering, the 800 and 900 Series holds nothing back in the effort to provide farmers with cutting-edge technology that delivers the greatest operator comfort, ease of use, fluid efficiency, and productivity in the field and on the road,” said Josh Keeney, product marketing manager for Fendt. “The thing that Fendt owners and operators say over and over is they are less tired after a workday in a Fendt, and that they accomplish more work and cover more acres, in the same amount of time.”

There are some headline advancements on these new machines that are worth noting.

Vario Grip

This is a tire pressure regulation system that allows the tires to be inflated and deflated from the tractor seat.  A low pressure scenario would allow the tractor to have better traction and less compaction while in the field.  The pressure could then be increased for road transport with better fuel efficiency.  This system is factory installed and pressure settings can be saved and accessed through the terminal.  Fendt is always delivering innovation for today’s high-tech farmer.  Learn more about the Vario Grip technology.

Fendt Vario Grip

Operating Improvements

The new Fendt terminal improves further on the powerful icon of the Fendt brand.  More powerful software sits behind the surface of the tractor’s control headquarters.  An improved seat and wiper are details that further enhance the Fendt experience.  The 300 degree wiper reaches the bottom corners of the front windshield to keep a clear view of even the wheel arches.  The lighting can now be adjusted for road and field work.

Fendt front wiper

Load Relief Front Hitch

The Front linkage has the option of load relief control.  The double-acting front linkage valve allows an implement on the front to be lowered so that the weight is shifted to the axle.  This means the implement can be quickly adjusted to new heights as required.

Fendt front 3 point hitch

You can view the brochure for the Fendt 800 Series, and also the brochure for the Fendt 900 Series.

Fendt 800 Series High Horsepower Tractor
Fendt 900 Series High Horsepower Tractor